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GHS Label Publishing

Create and publish label templates for on-demand, always-accurate chemical labels

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and is a global system used to label chemical substances for transport.

Our GHS Label Publishing solution enables manufacturers to create templates and print chemical labels that adhere to the GHS standards on an as-needed basis. Our solution dynamically publishes labels, meaning it pulls content from your systems of record to automatically compose each label at the time of print. When printed, all labels contain the most up-to-date information in your system.

With our GHS Label Publishing solution, you can:

  • Use templates to produce clear and well-formatted labels that are easy to update across your organization
  • Ensure labels are always consistent and up to date with most current information
  • Adhere to GHS regulations for labels and adapt to phases of implementation as they become required
  • Print labels when and where you need
  • Print your labels on blank label stock using our GHS Label Printing solution

Unique templates are what set us apart
Templates separate the design of the label from the information on the label. In the template, you define the design, such as where your company logo is placed, and then identify which pieces of content should be pulled from your systems of record, such as chemical name. Our solution does the rest of the work for you—automatically composing each label at the time of print. When a change is made to the template, all labels printed thereafter reflect that change.

Always-accurate chemical labels with dynamic publishing
Each label printed contains the exact information that’s in your systems the moment it’s printed. You can integrate with systems such as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database, your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or a supplier database.

Meet regulations as they change and adapt as your business grows
The dynamic, on-demand nature of our publishing system makes maintaining compliance easy as regulations change. You can update label templates to change a design, integrate with new databases, add language translations, country-specific requirements and easily extend to new facilities. It’s a system designed to grow with your business and adapt with your needs.

Flexible solution that meets your operational needs
Our solution makes it easier to get the labels you need to support operations. Whether you need labels for packages containing more than one product, smaller labels for re-packaged chemicals or larger labels for case shipping, our solution can flexibly accommodate your printing needs and fit in with your business processes and production workflows. With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-based system, our teams handle ongoing operations and software updates so you don't have to.

Print labels when and where you need
Your staff can use a handheld application on a mobile device to request labels to be printed, for example, while working in a remote operations area or loading dock. Or, print directly from a Lexmark printer by selecting labels from the touch screen. Another option is to use our desktop interface to print labels at a computer. Get labels when and where you need them.

Print labels that withstand the elements                                        Not every label is certified for maritime shipments, but if you ship overseas, you need labels that are. Labels printed on specific stock using Lexmark color printers have passed the IMDG* standard evaluation and are certified for all sections of BS 5609*.  The certification includes marine use of printed pressure-sensitive labels, seawater immersion (section  II) and image permanence (section III) including abrasion resistance.

*Full certification for International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code and the British Standard (BS) 5609 Marine Immersion Label Testing Standard for international shipments of hazardous materials complete April 2016.

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