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Paperless HR Solutions for Manufacturing

Electronic employee files: centralized management, reduced waste, full visibility

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing supports over 17.4 million jobs and has the highest median tenure of any industry in the United States. Your employees are highly certified and they’re in it for the long haul.

With Lexmark, gain comprehensive access and visibility into your HR documents and processes. The core of our solutions? Electronic employee files. From one secure, electronic repository, you can maintain confidentiality, enhance compliance, reduce storage costs and make it easier to access and track employee information. 

With our solutions for Human Resources, you can:

Electronic employee files: Accessible, organized, paperless
Critical employee information doesn’t have to live on pieces of paper, in file cabinets throughout your organization. Instead, you can easily manage information and expedite workflows with electronic employee files. Information is easy to access and redundancies virtually nonexistent.
Streamlined processes that take the “work” out of “workflow”
Our process and content management solutions make capturing, filing, organizing and maintaining information easier and faster by automating workflows for processing employee information. Manual data entry and paper management is significantly reduced.
Accurate, flexible and best of all, due diligent
With electronic file management, you’re able to stay on top of employee certifications to ensure your employees are always in compliance and that your records are up to date. Electronic files empower your team to efficiently respond when regulations change, and if you’re ever audited, all of your information is right there, in one location—helping you get the information you need, when you need it.
Ready … set … go mobile
The onboarding process is expensive and time-consuming. Streamline the process by giving your new employees the ability to complete the onboarding process on their own mobile devices—from anywhere. Our secure, online portal walks new hires through each step, ensuring that all the documentation you need is completed by their start date.
Personal information is safe and secure
Whether you’re collecting new-hire information through our secure, online portal or scanning and submitting it with a secure Lexmark multifunction product (MFP), information is never compromised and employee files are never incomplete.

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