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Full-spectrum security

Lexmark makes security an integral part of all our products to help create not just a safer but a more productive environment for your business.

Security is built into every Lexmark product, with standard security features appropriate to each product’s intended use and available options to fulfill special requirements. Our comprehensive approach to Lexmark product security covers a full spectrum of security capabilities.

Secure access features make sure that only authenticated and authorized users can work with valuable and protected information on Lexmark devices and software. Confirm user identity through active directory integration, network or badge login, and even two-factor authentication. Then enforce predefined user access controls.

Features supporting network security can harden Lexmark devices against unauthorized access. From blocking unnecessary features to locking down device interfaces and securing the data they contain, Lexmark devices include a range of features embedded in the firmware to help you harden a device. It’s a powerful way to secure network interfaces from malicious users.

Documents routinely contain sensitive information, like financial data, information that personally identifies customers or employees, and account information. Lexmark security features, and available solutions, focus heavily on document security to keep your documents--whether physical or virtual--out of the wrong hands or views.

Secure remote management provides a wide range of tools and device capabilities to effectively manage a fleet of networked laser printers and multifunction products. You can restrict device management to authorized personnel and secure your device settings through a combination of rigorously enforced device access, audit logging, digitally signed firmware upgrades, certificate management, HTTPS, SNMPv3 and secure password reset.

Our installable security solutions take advantage of the Lexmark smart MFP platform to enhance the security of the device and your environment. Solutions like print release1 , automatic security certificate enrollment and smart card authentication1 protect each device, while another solution can centrally track and audit every document that’s printed, copied, scanned or faxed on your network.

Carefully engineered hard disk security equips Lexmark printers and multifunction products that contain internal hard disks to keep your organization's secrets. This shield of protection both enhances the security of data that is stored on the hard disk and helps prevent malicious users from gaining access to confidential information.

And we’ve proven our security expertise by meeting stringent government standards and certifications

1 Optional

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This document describes the security features and functionality that allow Lexmark devices to be deployed, managed and used in a secure manner on your network.