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Lexmark Secure Document Monitor

When it comes to security, most organizations focus on protecting information from outside hackers and attacks. But, as businesses operate across increasing numbers of locations and sources, insider threat—both malicious and non-malicious—is a growing concern.

And with insider threat protection, one gap is especially present: the collection and monitoring of hardcopy data—that information that is printed, copied, scanned or faxed.

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor (LSDM) fills the hardcopy monitoring gap. LSDM resides on your Lexmark MFPs to automatically and discreetly capture content and user data from every document that passes through. Put simply, it provides real-time capture, without interrupting or delaying processes and performance.

From there, captured data is routed seamlessly to your DLP or monitoring system for review. LSDM is flexible enough to integrate with existing security solutions and homegrown systems. Or, if you’re in search of a more robust solution that provides end to end monitoring and protection, we can implement our bundled offering, made up of LSDM with Endpoint ID from our DLP partner, Intelligent ID.

LSDM with Endpoint ID

Unlike most security solutions which only protect one source of information, LSDM with Endpoint ID combines the hardcopy expertise of Lexmark and the digital capabilities of Intelligent ID to protect both paper and digital information from a single monitoring dashboard.


All information—paper and digital—is captured and routed to the Endpoint ID monitoring dashboard to provide complete endpoint visibility regardless of data source, format or origin of information.

From the comprehensive dashboard, you'll be able to set rules and configurations that automatically alert your security team to suspicious behavior and unauthorized access. This level of customization makes it possible to tailor content monitoring to your specific industry standards and compliance needs, and streamline the process of conducting investigations, building cases and preventing breaches.  

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