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Hard Disk Security

Some Lexmark printers and multifunction products include internal hard disks to store images of documents that are printed, scanned, faxed, or copied. The internal hard disk also stores data that extends the devices’ capabilities and functionality. These devices contain a broad array of carefully engineered features to both enhance the security of data that is stored on the hard disk and help prevent malicious users from gaining access to confidential information.

Hard Disk Encryption

Hard disks in printers and MFPs can be configured to use encryption. An AES key, up to 256 bits, is internally generated by the printer or MFP and used to encrypt all data on the hard disk. The key is stored non-contiguously on the device, making the contents of the hard disk accessible only on the original printer or MFP. The data on a stolen hard disk would not be accessible even if the hard disk was installed in an identical model of printer or MFP.

Hard Disk File Wiping

Data written to printer or MFP hard disks for temporary use when printing, scanning, faxing or copying can be erased when the job is done, or after a job held for a user is printed. To ensure the information can never be recovered, Lexmark printer and MFP hard drives both remove the file’s reference in the disk directory and erase the actual file on the disk so that no residual data can be read. Depending on the device, hard disk wiping can be configured for manual, automatic or scheduled mode. A multi-pass wipe is also offered, which conforms to NIST/DOD standards.

Out of Service Wiping

Simplify the process of clearing both a device’s disk drive and non-volatile memory data when removing a device from service or removing it from a secure location. Authorized users can do both in one step with the “out of service” wiping command, available from the device’s own configuration Menu or from the device’s Web page. 

Physical Lock Support

Lexmark printers and MFPs support Kensington-style locks, which allow the devices to be physically secured. Locking a printer or MFP also locks down the metal cage that houses the hard disk and other optional components to help prevent tampering or theft. 

Complete Hard Disk Erasure

Before a printer or MFP is retired, recycled or otherwise removed from a secure environment, an authorized user can completely erase the hard drive. This includes erasing the forms, fonts, macros or unprinted held jobs that routine hard disk file wiping (above) can leave behind. Options for single or multi-pass erasure are offered, ensuring that no readable data will remain on the disk.

Non-volatile Memory Wipe

The non-volatile memory wipe provides a tool for erasing all contents stored on the various forms of flash memory contained on the device. This feature is a complete clearing of all settings, solutions, jobs and faxes on the device. It was designed to be utilized when the Lexmark device is to be retired, recycled or otherwise removed from a secure environment.

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