Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem

Bridge paper and digital–unstructured and structured information–with devices and connections that drive your business forward.

In an ecosystem, things work in concert to ensure efficient processes. In the business environment, people, technology and information also form an ecosystem, where information exists in both structured and unstructured forms. And the center of this ecosystem is the smart MFP, the connection point between digital and printed information.

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem brings together the hardware, software, tools and services to help drive your business forward.


Smart and Simple

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem isn’t a product, but a set of technologies and capabilities enabled by every Lexmark smart MFP–even the one you already own. Together with your IT infrastructure and applications, it improves the operation of everyday tasks and processes through smart capabilities. And it simplifies the challenge of managing an ever–changing business and technical environment.


Improve the operation of everyday tasks and processes


Ease of Use

Usable by those of any ability level, in virtually any language, from any device or external system, with minimal training



Enables employee productivity by optimizing print and scan speeds, reducing manual steps, and handling diverse media types and sizes



Maintains consistent print quality and color fidelity, ensures accurate data capture and transfer



Supports the highest standards for security, data confidentiality, energy usage and regulatory compliance


Manage an ever-changing business and technical environment



Meets changing needs as business goals and enterprise IT systems evolve, with open standards and integration-ready connectors



Supports management of a large, distributed network from a central location



Enhances the safety of your important data and critical network infrastructure



Backed by industry experts, allowing IT/operations staff to focus on higher-value activities

Bridging your paper and digital worlds

Paper isn’t going away–it’s a key element of many processes, and often a repository of business history. Yet you can seamlessly connect unstructured information from the physical world of paper to the digital world of structured information.

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem captures and moves documents directly into electronic storage, workflows or other applications to complete a process. And in many cases it can help eliminate paper altogether.

Depending on your needs, these solutions can be implemented in the cloud, on a server or through “serverless” apps embedded on the smart MFP.



Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem


Bring together the hardware, software, tools and services that help your business grow and thrive.

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Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem brings together hardware, software, tools and services to help drive your business forward.

Solutions for your business environment

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