Structured for agility

No business is just like yours. And the one you’re building keeps on changing. Fortunately, the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem is flexible enough to keep up.

Being agile enough to meet your needs starts during deployment, with functionality provided on whatever infrastructure works best for you: cloud-based, on-premises servers, or serverless.

The Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF) built into Lexmark smart MFPs is a fundamental building block of ecosystem flexibility. With it, customizable apps installed on your device can interact with your enterprise’s unique processes, applications, data repositories and users.

Flexibility also means using assets you already have to solve problems. For example, Lexmark Fax over IP (FoIP) gives users the familiar experience of traditional faxing without the cost or maintenance of analog phone lines or analog telephone adapters. It installs in moments on Lexmark smart MFPs and uses your existing internet connection, so no additional hardware is required.

Your workflow, your way

Lexmark’s smart MFPs have a tested and easy-to-implement library of apps that connect information to the business applications you use most: SharePoint, Perceptive Content, SAP, RightFax, DocuWare, Google Drive and more, thanks to our commitment to industry-leading applications.

The Lexmark Document Distributor platform lets you design easy-to-understand, prompted workflows for the e-Task interface. Create smart MFP apps that run completely embedded in the device, or use web services technology on our cSF cloud platform.

Updates are flexible, too, with new functionality and features delivered via firmware upgrades–extending product life and adding value to your devices at no extra cost.

Foundation in the cloud

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem connects you to our complete Perceptive Software product family–tying Lexmark smart MFPs to our advanced Evolution framework. This scalable, hybrid cloud foundation powers the new generation of enterprise process and content management solutions.

Your business and technical environment is constantly evolving, and the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem is designed to evolve with it.

It was clear to us that the flexibility and robustness of Lexmark’s software development tools and embedded solutions stood out significantly higher than the suites from other manufacturers. This flexibility has allowed us to take our Lexmark MFPs and mold them into a completely customized extension of our business.

Russell Dover
Director, Software Development
Unum Group