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Mobile Print Solutions

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Solutions and Apps for Printing Business Documents from Mobile Devices

Today there are many ways to implement mobile printing but no single solution that fits all. That’s why Lexmark provides a number of ways for businesses and organizations to capitalize on the benefits of mobile productivity without compromising security or incurring excessive or uncontrolled costs.

Mobile Print Solutions from Lexmark

Mobile Enterprise Printing

Supporting the needs of a mobile workforce across a large enterprise is simple and secure with Lexmark Print Release, a pull-printing solution that delivers print-from-anywhere capabilities. Many popular document and image formats are supported.

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Lexmark Mobile Printing App

Lexmark Mobile Printing is a free downloadable app that enables direct printing to Lexmark printers on a business network (Lexmark printer must be capable of direct PDF and direct image printing). Microsoft Office formats are not supported.

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Lexmark and AirPrint™

Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad can automatically locate and connect to Lexmark AirPrint-enabled printers on a local Wi-Fi network for a 100 percent wireless printing solution.

Firmware upgrade for compatible Lexmark printers

Lexmark App for Google
Cloud Print™

The Lexmark App for Google Cloud Print enables you to easily and securely release print jobs that you send to Google Cloud Print.1

Lexmark App for Google Docs™

The Lexmark App for Google Docs allows you to quickly and easily scan a document to upload it to your Google Docs account, or browse and print files saved in Google Docs.1

1This app is now available for Lexmark devices that support the Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF).

Lexmark Mobile Printing Solutions Include

  • Easy- to-use mobile apps for sending documents directly to printers on your company network.
  • Printer-based applications for accessing your documents from cloud-based services such as Google.
  • Enterprise-class solutions that allow you to easily scale across multiple locations without investing in new IT infrastructure.