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Lexmark Products and Genuine Parts

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Why use Genuine Lexmark parts?

Lexmark award-winning devices give you a powerful platform to unite your hardcopy and digital worlds, putting information at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it. To keep your Lexmark hardware operating at peak performance, make sure you always use genuine Lexmark parts.

True innovation can’t be imitated

Good print quality is critical. After all, it’s your image at stake! By using genuine Lexmark parts, you can count on consistent, high-quality printing from first page to last. Unlike low-cost bargain brands, Lexmark parts are meticulously engineered to optimise performance, maximise your printer’s life, and deliver excellent print quality.

Rated life of the fuser maintenance kits

bar graph

Average Genuine Lexmark (Red) vs. Non-Genuine Lexmark (Gray)

Lexmark Genuine Parts substantially outperform Non-Genuine Lexmark parts.

Tests show that only Lexmark Genuine Parts reach Lexmark’s high performance quality and safety standards.

By using non-Lexmark parts, tests show that there is a poor printer quality and an increased risk of printer failures due to fuser overheating.

It is important that you always consider hidden costs of Non-Genuine Lexmark parts:

  • Down-time and wastage of time due to non-availability of the printer
  • Costly additional service visits
  • Increased administrative time
  • Incremental replacement cost (if out of warranty)
  • Diminished customer satisfaction

This can lead, on top of customer dissatisfaction, to reliability issues and hardware failures which means overall additional hidden costs.

Time is money, and time lost due to poor performance isn’t easily recovered. That is why Genuine Lexmark Parts are engineered to optimise printer performance and maximise printer life.

Note: Lexmark recently conducted a fuser test to compare the performance from Lexmark’s Genuine Parts versus other third party brands. The printers (T65x & X65x) were tested in a continuous print mode until fuser maintenance kit failure occurred. The fuser test was conducted in April 2012 at Lexmark laboratories at Lexmark’s headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.


Superior Design & Engineering

  • Lexmark products and parts are designed together from the beginning to optimize printer performance and maximize printer life.
  • Recognized worldwide as a technology leader with over 2,000 awards, Lexmark keeps its parts inventory current with new technology developments.
  • Genuine Lexmark Parts often have updated engineering changes and improvements that may not exist in non-genuine parts.


Quality & Reliability

  • Lexmark designs its parts to work effectively and safely in the broadest range of conditions.
  • Lexmark parts are tested to rigorous quality standards before going into production to ensure they operate effectively and safely.
  • Lexmark Genuine Parts help prevent printer failures, reduce downtime and avoid the risk of costly additional service visits.

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Safety & Security

  • Lexmark original parts are designed in a way to minimize environmental impact in the manufacturing process and facilitate their recycling.
  • Some non-OEM parts and clone fusers may not meet the safety standards that Lexmark uses. This means that the design or materials could possibly increase the risk of heating or could create a fire hazard.
  • Lexmark’s warranty or extended warranties do not cover the cost of damage or poor print quality resulting from the use of non-Lexmark parts.

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Parts Availability

  • Genuine Lexmark Parts are readily available next business day all over EMEA to minimize customers' operational and business disruptions.
  • A network of Lexmark Authorized Service Providers and Parts Distributors broadens parts availability.
  • For new Lexmark products with new parts, Lexmark is the only source for genuine OEM replacement parts.


Cost versus Price

  • Time is money, and time lost due to poor performance isn’t easily recovered. Genuine Lexmark Parts are engineered to optimise printer performance and maximise printer life.
  • Imitations aren’t as good as new. They may seem like a bargain at first, but there are usually hidden costs related to reliability issues, such as out-of-the-box dysfunction, poor print quality, leaks, or hardware failures caused by poor fusing.


Lexmark Parts & the Environment

  • Lexmark original parts do not contain hazardous substances and are packed in a way to limit environmental impacts.
  • Lexmark has set up a free program that enables the safe return and recycling of used original parts. For example, 99% of a Lexmark fuser device is recyclable and cardboard used is 100% recyclable.

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