Lexmark Return Programme

Sustainable supplies choices

Supplies choices to help the environment

Lexmark is pleased to offer our customers the choice of using Lexmark Return Programme cartridges for many Lexmark printer families. Lexmark Return Programme cartridges are sold at a special price in exchange for the customer's agreement to use the cartridge only once and return it only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling.

Lexmark genuine supply choices to help the environment

Regular cartridges without this single-use term are sold at regular prices. Regular cartridges may be refilled and/or remanufactured (as long as the original Lexmark chip is kept) and are available on Lexmark.com. Regular cartridges are also recyclable at no cost through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme.

Return Programme cartridges and our environment

Lexmark reuses or recycles Return Programme cartridges, keeping them out of the waste stream. Return Programme cartridges are a great choice for the environment. Use the free Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme to return empty cartridges for reuse and recycling.