Producer On-boarding

Get new producers off to a fast, efficient start

Like many insurers, your organisation may struggle to gather and process the paperwork needed to bring new agents and partners on board and get them up to speed quickly.

The traditional, paper-driven approach to on-boarding – which can take weeks – relies on labour-intensive processes involving hand-written applications, faxes, data entry and lengthy issue-resolution procedures. Carriers that follow this path often lose promising producers to more nimble competitors that on-board their new agents and partners digitally.

Lexmark output, workflow and content management solutions for insurance can help you make the on-boarding process simple and efficient. Start by easily capturing structured and unstructured documents digitally at smart Lexmark multifunction products. Then our content management and workflow solutions allow you to flag incomplete submissions, track the status of contracts and applications, and significantly reduce the costs and cycle time for signing new producers.

In addition, our solutions include document output management software that lets you automate requests for supporting documentation and create personalised forms. You can also easily build materials and welcome kits with the appropriate, up-to-date compliance language.

Benefits of Producer On-boarding Solutions

  • Automatically routes incoming applications based on IGO/NIGO rules
  • Digitally captures documentation and ties it to existing records for single-click access
  • Easily and cost-effectively produces personalised on-boarding materials

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On-boarding new producers can be a complicated process. Lexmark can help by capturing paper and digital forms, verifying completeness of information and unifying records.


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