MarkNet N8110 V.34 Fax Card

部件号: 37X5125


  • MFP Options


An internal card to support fax using a RJ-11C connector with modem transmission speeds up to 33.6 Kbps maximum, V.34 Half-Duplex. Store faxes on hard disk (if installed) or in flash memory (up to 18MB)

If a hard disk is not installed, faxes are stored on the flash memory. The maximum fax storage size on flash is 18 MB.

Modem Speeds:

33600, 31200, 28800, 26400, 24000, 21600, 19200, 16800, 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400bps

Other Fax Features

Block Junk Fax (Banned List, Based on caller ID and remote station ID), Caller ID Support, Fax Forwarding (to another fax machine, e-mail, FTP, eFS, or LDSS). HalfTone, Maximum Broadcast locations (400), Group Fax (Broadcasting), Manual Fax, Fax from PC using Postscript driver, Fax Shortcuts, Fax Content (Text, Text/Photo, Photograph), Fax Preservation, LDAP Lookup


400 locations (each number in a group fax is a location)

Fax Storage

If a hard disk is installed, faxes are stored on the hard disk. The fax storage size on the hard disk is the size of the hard disk less 1GB.

ReDirect E-mail

Fax ReDirect E-mail Address Storage = 512 characters

Speed Dials

Based on a 10 digit phone number with a shortcut limit of 512 characters: With a Disk – 1800, without a disk – 500.

Dialing Retry

No Answer – 1 Additional Retry, Busy – 0 to 9 Additional Tries, default= 5, Frequency – 1 to 200 minutes, default = 3 minutes

Group Fax

46 locations based on 10 digit numbers whereeach number is a location, with a maximum of 512 characters. Supported by Speed Dials and the user operator panel.


部件号 37X5125
包装尺寸(毫米 - 高 x 宽 x 长)
  • 40 x 153 x 222 毫米
  • 0.18 公斤
  • 4.4 公斤


  • 33.6 Kbps


  • 一个 RJ-11C


  • CFR 47, Part 68, ACMA “A-Tick” mark AS/ACIF S002:2005, AS/NZS 60950-1:2003, CS-03, COFETEL to NOM-EM-151-SCTI-1999, CNC ANATEL, SUBTEL, MTC, R&TTE ETSI ES 203 021-2, -3, MOC, Russian Ministry, Russian Declaration of Compliance validated by Federal Communications Agency, ICASA, TK, TEC, JATE, MIC, SIRIM, PTC MII Network Access License , NCC
  • 43201545
Harmonized Tariff Code
  • 8443.99.5015
  • China (PRC)

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