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Solutions for Student Records
Learn how to simplify student records information system management across campus.

Case Study

Bangor University
Read how the Bangor University overcame time and cost challenges associated with managing paper records.

Office of the Registrar Software

Simplify student records management

The Registrar’s office must constantly manage a variety of tasks including simple record retrieval and information verification, to transcript auditing and graduating elevation. This ever-increasing amount of documents and information must be frequently filed, accessed and re-filed.

Perceptive Software process and content management solutions enable Registrar office staff to cost-effectively manage student records throughout their lifecycle, in keeping with your institution’s existing retention policies. Unlike with paper versions, records managed with Lexmark solutions can be instantly accessed from anywhere on or off campus, while being stored securely and safe from physical damage and deterioration. Perceptive technology from Lexmark removes workflow bottlenecks in everyday business processes and puts critical information in the hands of staff instantly, for faster and more informed decisions.

With Lexmark solutions for the Registrar’s office, your school can:

  • Retrieve records instantly from any location on or off campus
  • Reclaim office space through physical storage elimination
  • Improve student service and increase student retention
  • Improve information sharing, security and control
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction

Perceptive from Lexmark at Work

The University of Missouri system chose Perceptive Software from Lexmark because of its competitive price and ease of integration with its existing PeopleSoft system. With more than 2,500 active users and 5.3 million imaged pages in the system, Perceptive technology from Lexmark has fueled operational efficiencies in 30 departments across four campus locations.

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