Solutions for Healthcare

All patient information available within the EMR

Solutions for Healthcare

Your healthcare organization has made large investments in healthcare information technology, like the electronic medical record (EMR), to improve clinical outcomes and drive out costs. But, there’s still a vast collection of unstructured content that your EMR does not manage–clinical images, digital photos, scanned documents, and video files–resulting in an incomplete patient record.

Lexmark solutions for healthcare help bring the volume of content that resides outside of the EMR into a single view. Bolstered by Lexmark's Perceptive Software suite of products, we are the only vendor to bring together enterprise content management (ECM), vendor neutral archive (VNA), output management and clinical connectivity technology to help you deliver a complete patient record.

Together, these capabilities help you close the content gaps in your EMR accelerating patient information to the point of need, while reducing inefficiencies and IT costs.

  • Enhance and improve patient outcomes through better access to more complete patient information
  • Unify clinical images from all departments
  • Consolidate business and clinical information in one repository enabling a single access, retention and storage strategy
  • Extend the ROI of your output infrastructure through business process optimization
  • Protect patient privacy and support compliance with HIPAA and Joint Commission standards with strong security features

Success Story

Gwinnett Medical Center

Gwinnett Medical Center

See how Gwinnett streamlined its prescription fulfillment system and ensures that up-to date patient information is available during network outages.

Solutions for Healthcare

Vendor Neutral Archive

Unify clinical images from all departmental PACS to enhance access, image sharing and lifecycle management.

EMR Integration

Give clinicians a complete patient record at the point of need by integrating unstructured patient content into the EMR.

Managed Print Services for Healthcare

Turn your widely distributed output fleets into platforms for productivity by connecting print, processes and people.

Advanced Clinical Output Management

Get complete control of your output environment by managing output from the originating source to its final destination.

Clinical Connectivity

Easily integrate documents, film, video, visible light and other images from any department to any PACS or EMR.

Health Information Management

Capture, organize and manage the patient documentation required to deliver care, complete the revenue cycle and fulfill release of information requests.

Patient Access

Efficiently and cost-effectively capture, organize and process patient documents for scheduling and admissions.

Patient Finance

Manage patient-focused processes and content at the transaction level from the point-of-admission to payment collection.

Healthcare Back Office

Optimize your accounting and financials, human resources and compliance operations to both reduce costs and scale for growth.

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