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Banking Branch Capture Workflow Solutions
Eliminate many error-prone manual processes in your branch operations.

Banking Insight

Tackle the Compliance Crisis
Reduce regulatory risk with optimized workflows and managed print services.

Banking Insight

Five Ways to Turn Bank Branches Into Competitive Powerhouses
Enable branch personnel to turn customer service into a competitive differentiator.

Banking Branch Capture

Drive efficiency. Ensure compliance. Lower operating costs.

Thousands of unstructured paper and digital documents pour into your central processing centers from branch locations every day. This data must then be manually classified, keyed, validated and routed into back office systems. This process has always been costly, time-consuming and error-prone. Until now.

Lexmark’s Banking Branch Capture is a dynamic bank document imaging solution that enables you to quickly and easily connect your structured and unstructured business documents, processes and people. How? By enabling Lexmark multifunction products (MFPs) in the branch to be digital collection points for your paper and electronic documents.

Our unique capture technology immediately identifies missing documents and signatures while the customer is still in the bank. It then classifies, verifies, indexes and automatically routes the content to your banking software platform, eliminating manual, error-prone data entry in the back office.

You can easily scale this solution to include an unlimited number of branches as well as multiple locations and languages. In short, Banking Branch Capture is a powerful tool that helps you exceed customer expectations, drive financial performance and promote future flexibility.

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