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Financial Services

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Unum Group Accelerates Workflows with Lexmark Solutions

Unum Group's Director of Software Development describes how Lexmark intelligent capture solutions speed the capture, validation, and routing of critical data in paper and digital documents.

Craig LeClair mobility

Mobility Solutions and How They Affect Workflow - Mobile Printing Solutions from Lexmark
Forrester Research Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair discusses the new breed of mobile worker’s need to print, access, and manage data from the mobile environment at the point of origin.


ECM Innovation
How banks can apply capture, BPM and ECM technologies for greater ROI

Learn how Amica Insurance enjoys substantial savings with secure MICR printers.
ROI Case Study

Mutual insurance company cuts costs with managed print services.

Industry Papers

Reducing Banks Compliance Tolls
ECM Strategy for Retail Banking

Success Story Video

Multibillion dollar financial services company streamlines processes.

Business growth is harder than ever to achieve with new regulations and new competitors affecting the financial services industry. Add in low interest rates and low consumer demand for loans, and revenue remains flat.

To grow, you need to find new ways to reduce expenses and create a great customer experience. But the sheer volume of data—much of it unstructured and therefore unavailable to your banking systems—in information-intensive business environments poses a major challenge. A great deal of time is wasted on manual processing as knowledge workers attempt to bridge the gap between structured and unstructured information.

With Lexmark solutions for financial services, you can easily connect your unstructured data and streamline workflows across your enterprise. When you give your people a complete view of the critical information they need, in a relevant context, it adds up to lower costs, stronger customer relationships and better financial performance.

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