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AFB News Release
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News Release
American Foundation for the Blind awards Lexmark a 2011 Accessibility Award.

Accessibility and Section 508
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Accessibility and Section 508
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Product Evaluation AccessWorld
Darren Burton reviews the Lexmark Accessibility Solution.

National Federation of the Blind
Audio Interview

National Federation of the Blind
NFB’s Anne Taylor interviews GW Micro about the Lexmark Accessibility Solution.

Accessibility made easy.

Designed for challenged employees (e.g., hearing and visually impaired) who need assistance to stay productive.

Operating multifunction devices (MFPs) with a physical, sensory or cognitive challenge can be frustrating and unproductive. Yet millions of workers face this task every day. To succeed, they require more than a company’s commitment to accessibility; they need flexible solutions that adapt to the user's needs and capabilities.

Lexmark can help. We understand the specific needs of people with these kinds of challenges. That’s why we build our solutions with real-world experience and the feedback of those who have visual and hearing impairments. The result is innovative tactile and audio accommodations that make it easier for them to use our systems.

By empowering employees with the tools needed to get the job done, you’ll benefit from higher retention rates, lower turnover costs and increased productivity.

Lexmark Accessibility Solution

Simply put, the Lexmark-accessibility solution enables workers with vision challenges to initiate print, copy, scan and fax jobs from any network-connected computer or handheld device.

Lexmark Accessibility Speech Solution

This solution delivers audio messages that communicate the status of the MFP to the visually impaired with programmable messages—personalized for each employee.

With both accessibility solutions, you can move toward higher levels of performance and productivity while resting easy, knowing you've offered all your employees independence in the workplace.

Benefits of Accessibility Solution

  • Increase productivity by enabling workers to resolve most output issues on their own
  • Empower employees to improve readability by enabling them to change the display properties
  • Personalize audio prompts for employees with varying levels of visual impairment
  • Record and load your own voice files in any language or dialect
  • Use with the most popular software and PDA devices