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Business Process Management

Power up your productivity: Perceptive Process from Lexmark.

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Want your employees to gain access to the right information in the right places—right when they need it? One smart way to accomplish this is by optimizing your business processes.

Perceptive Process from Lexmark is designed to give you the support you need. This integrated suite of workflow solutions provides powerful capabilities. You can take advantage of its analysis and design tools to add more structure and flexibility to your processes. You can adapt its execution capabilities to your tasks. Plus, you can create world-class workflows and optimize case management to improve your overall productivity.

This integrated suite of solutions fully supports business process management (BPM) through process discovery, design, execution and improvement.

Business Process Management Solutions

Business Process Analytics

Perceptive Process Analytics from Lexmark locates bottlenecks in current operations to help improve your processes. You can identify underlying process problems, not just the symptoms, and take action early to correct problems.
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Business Process Modeling

Perceptive Process Modeling from Lexmark provides a collaborative environment to define and redesign your processes. With process modeling, your team can identify pain points and prioritize necessary change.
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Case Management

Knowledge workers can’t do their jobs without access to the right information. Perceptive Process Case Management from Lexmark lets you define case contents and choose the best path for information. This integrated environment can connect enterprise systems and external case data.
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Process Documentation

Perceptive Process Documentation from Lexmark provides accessible online and print documentation to give workers a better understanding of business process workflows and scenarios.
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Process Mining

It can be hard to find causes of workflow bottlenecks and breakdowns, much less fix them. Perceptive Process Mining from Lexmark helps find potential problems early and identifies root causes so you can make improvements faster.
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Perceptive Workflow software from Lexmark automates the management of routine business processes using customizable, real-time notifications to improve workflows.
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