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Managed Print Services

Understanding MPS for your enterprise.

Managed Print Services
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MPS: Connect your people, processes and information
Learn why you need MPS to make information more available and useful, and create a platform for productivity.

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IDC Names Lexmark as a Leader in Managed Print Services
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Read the latest evaluations of MPS vendors published by leading global researchers and analysts.

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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services
Discover how Managed Print Services can drive out unnecessary printing and create more opportunities to reduce energy use.

Across all kinds of industries and enterprises, inefficiency has crept into processes and onto desktops. Printing is out of control. This happens when there is no overall enterprise output strategy or standardization. Companies co-exist with hundreds of devices; dozens of models; and multiple vendors, leases and maintenance agreements to go along with them.

Without a strategy, print becomes a bottleneck. Unavailable devices, missing supplies, and outdated equipment eat away at productivity every day. Invoices, shipping records, manufacturing forms, payroll checks and other documents are unavailable at critical times. Customer-focused companies can’t provide quality service without printed content like receipts, account documents, and transaction confirmations.

Free your teams to focus on customers

Professional Managed Print Services (MPS) free your team to focus on your customers and the business. Demands on IT drop dramatically. Employees get work done with fewer roadblocks. Full visibility into your entire fleet supports more informed business decisions, operational efficiency and cost savings. Depending on where you start with MPS, your organization can achieve savings of up to 40 percent that can be reinvested in other areas.

At Lexmark, our approach focuses on your business growth, operational performance and everyday productivity. We’re committed to a long-term relationship that stays flexible and responsive. Our leadership in MPS has been recognized by trusted analyst organizations like Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Quocirca. You can trust us with your MPS strategy, too, and we’ll work together to propel your business growth.

Managed Print Service Solutions

Business Process Optimization

Optimize your business processes to help your organization dramatically improve paper and digital information workflows, reduce operational costs and stimulate corporate growth.
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Governance & Change Management

Governance and change management practices to ensure project success.
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MPS Fundamentals

Selecting managed print services for global enterprises is complex. You need a detailed MPS solution that covers a large number of devices, resources and service levels around the globe.
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Help Desk Services

As part of our Managed Print Services offering, Lexmark offers a wide range of Help Desk services from handling all calls related to covered output devices and providing the necessary service to Help-Desk Trouble Ticket Integration and Help Desk to Help Desk Integration (H2HI).
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