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Mobile Solutions

Connect people, processes and information—anytime, anywhere

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Lexmark Mobile Printing
Learn how the latest technology can offer you new ways to equip your mobile workforce with easy-to-use printing capabilities.


Lexmark Print Management
Explore the many ways this solution delivers greater mobility while improving the efficiency of your output environment.

Mobile computing is undergoing explosive growth. As a result, there are more opportunities than ever to connect people, processes, and information. Whether you need to print a boarding pass from a mobile hotspot or an important contract from a customer’s location, Lexmark mobile solutions work with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to make it happen—quickly, easily and securely.

This includes convenient mobile apps that allow you to send documents directly to the printers on your company network or access, share and print documents using cloudbased services such as Google Docs. Enterprise-class solutions that enable you to easily scale across multiple locations—without investing in new IT infrastructure. And intelligently adapted data and image capture solutions that simplify your common business processes.

When your people have innovative ways to stay connected, they’ll have the information they need—at the moment they need it—whether they’re down the hall or halfway around the world. And that helps drive business, no matter where business takes place.

Lexmark Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Printing

Meeting the needs of a mobile workforce across a large enterprise, this solution delivers print-from-anywhere capabilities with convenience, simplicity and security.
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Mobile Printing Apps

Print from just about any Android or Apple phone, tablet or other supported device to almost any Lexmark printer.
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