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Lexmark Print Management
Lexmark’s Print Management solution—deployed on-premise, or as hosted software creates a secure, shared printing and imaging environment.

Print Management

Abandoned and unclaimed documents: Eyesore or opportunity?

There’s no denying it: Unclaimed printouts sitting on your output devices are a security issue and a tremendous waste of money. Confidential documents piling up in your office print centers and copy rooms can be easily misplaced or land in the wrong hands.

Research indicates that organizations spend anywhere from 1% to 6%[1] of their annual revenues on office copying and printing. Even if your organization falls at the low end of that range, that's a lot of paper.

Lexmark Print Management improves the efficiency of your output environment by helping to reduce unnecessary printing. This solution delivers secure access control and robust usage reporting, and at the same time, provides greater mobility and productivity for your users.

Secure and Convenient Print Release

Lexmark Print Management lets employees send print jobs from anywhere--including their desktop, tablet or smartphone--and then release the jobs for printing whenever and wherever they're ready. This means confidential information stays protected, and print jobs don't pile up endlessly on office printers.

All documents are held in the print queue until their owners release them. The queue can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, allowing you to take advantage of additional features and benefits.

Documents can be released at any enabled device, whether the device is located across the room, in another building or thousands of miles away. To release their documents, users simply swipe their ID card or enter their credentials at the device, and then select the documents they need to print.

Powerful Document Accounting

Lexmark Print Management provides the information your enterprise needs to more effectively manage its print and imaging infrastructure. Powerful tracking and accounting tools let you monitor every print, copy and scan transaction, from every employee, on every device. This robust collection of data, combined with a wide range of reporting options, delivers the insight you need to proactively manage your network printing and imaging environment. For example, to curb paper waste and promote responsible use, Lexmark Print Management makes it easy for you to implement print quotas for individuals and groups, or restrict access to certain features such as copy, scan or fax.

[1] Gartner Group estimate: 1-3%. InfoTrends estimate: 3-6%.

Benefits of Print Management

  • Reduces printing costs and shrinks your carbon footprint
  • Increases flexibility for employees on the go
  • Strengthens access controls to improve security and compliance
  • Scales easily with on-premise, secure cloud or hybrid deployment

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