Do more than just process invoices with complete accounts payable automation. Fewer manual tasks and greater visibility into cash flow turn AP into a strategic financial resource. 

Hold the line on out-of-program buying and sharpen supply chain segmentation with accurate information and documentation. 

Accounts receivable automation improves billing and payment processing for faster application, reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and results in smarter cash management. 

Boost the functionality of existing systems with financial process automation solutions that work with (and within) Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor and more. 

Solution Sheet: Financial Process Automation

Stop patching together reports and chasing information. Connect processes and documents with ERP transactions for true financial process automation. 

Executive Brief: Shared Services and Business Transformation

Find out how two global organizations used AP automation to enhance financial data and support big changes in their business models.

Webinar: Oracle EBS, AP and AMC Theatres

Invoices from 30,000 vendors coming in from hundreds of locations? See why that's no big deal with Lexmark content management, capture and workflow.

Lexmark Acquires Kofax

Kofax technology adds clarity and speed to your financial processes.

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