Integrated care requires integrated information. Lexmark Managed Print Services allows you to have a more complete view of the patient by bridging the gap between hardcopy and digital information.

Optimize your infrastructure for the evolving healthcare landscape

We look beyond the floor plan to understand how you serve patients.

Healthcare providers—and patients—can’t afford downtime. Hospitals need systems running 24/7. You also face many challenges, including dealing with mergers and acquisitions activity, controlling costs, improving operational efficiency and complying with government mandates. Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) directly addresses these challenges with a phased approach to implementing device standards. This enables you to get the most from your current viable install base while moving toward a consistent, more advanced output platform. We’ll outline a precise infrastructure with special focus on areas with problematic, paper-based processes, such as in clinical areas where critical, unstructured information is unsecured and not accessible within the electronic medical record (EMR).

Conducting a thorough assessment is important. We’ll evaluate your current situation to determine the right placement of the right devices in all areas of your hospital organization—to address not only output needs but also to act as a digital on-ramp to quickly and efficiently move hardcopy documents into digital workflow. Your MPS plan will be customized for your facilities with special attention to redundancy and uptime.

Why Lexmark Managed Print Services for healthcare?

  • More than 700 healthcare assessments completed
  • Devices with onboard security features help protect sensitive patient information
  • Consistent fleet user interface reduces clinician and staff training time

Manage your printer fleet for maximum uptime

Reduce paper-intensive bottlenecks and costly distractions.

Managing print infrastructure is essential for an efficient healthcare operation, yet controlling costs is difficult without visibility to your entire fleet. Plus, frequent equipment failures interrupt important work. Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS), helps ensure patient care won’t be disrupted because of a failure to create necessary documents—especially during admissions and discharge.

Lexmark’s Global Services infrastructure provides visibility, control and continuity in the most demanding 24/7 environments. Proactive management enables clinicians to spend less time dealing with printer issues and more time with patients. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for service or consumables is automatically detected and the appropriate workflow is started. Devices in need of service can be addressed before they disrupt patient care.

MPS empowers healthcare organizations to:

  • Simplify printing and improve uptime with advanced print queue management
  • Improve efficiency ratios with lower print volume and total output expenditure
  • Free up capital by reducing or eliminating on-hand supplies inventory

Streamline information flow to improve patient outcomes and staff productivity

Bridge gaps and make connections with managed print services for healthcare.

Once your infrastructure is optimized—with devices running at high service levels and consumables under efficient management—our focus turns to ways you can leverage the inherent potential of your output fleet to achieve higher performance and productivity across your hospitals, clinics and departments. We apply our deep expertise, extensive enterprise experience and strategic technology portfolio to help healthcare providers tackle the difficult issues of connecting people, processes and information across their clinical and business operations. We take aim at the growth in unstructured documents and content that contribute to unnecessary costs and delays in the delivery of high-quality care.

Our powerful process and content management solutions for healthcare bridge the content gaps in your systems, providing you the visibility and control to improve clinical outcomes, drive financial performance and achieve operational excellence.

Lexmark Managed Print Services helps healthcare providers:

  • Access the right information at the right time in the right format
  • Comply with government mandates
  • Create traceable workflows to increase security and reduce fraud