E321, E323 Print Cartridge (3k)

Κωδ. ανταλλακτικού:: 12A7300


  • Μονόχρωμο λέιζερ
  • Yield Value: 3000

Περιγραφή προϊόντος

Lexmark E321 and E323 printers share common supplies to protect your investment. The supplies are designed for easy customer installation and quality performance, from the first page to the last. The single-element, front-load design makes the cartridge a snap to use. As with all Lexmark supplies, E321/E323 supplies guarantee excellent performance and the highest quality documents, page after page. The 3,000-page* Print Cartridge makes an excellent choice for cost-sensitive customers. (*At approximately 5% coverage)


Lexmark E321/E323 users can get an up-front discount (a “pre-rebate” or Prebate) on Lexmark Prebate print cartridges. The discount is at time of purchase, not months after the cartridge is empty, and it applies without cumbersome coupons to track or forms to fill out. The Prebate programs conditions are an essential part of the Prebate offering. For this “up-front rebate” from Lexmark, the user agrees that this cartridge will be used only once and that the empty cartridge will be returned only to Lexmark for recycling Regular-price cartridges with regular terms and conditions are available for those customers who do not choose the Prebate cartridge with its terms.  


Although the E321/E321 supplies may look similar to E320/E322 supplies, they’re different inside. Lexmark E321, E323 Print Cartridge is uniquely designed to deliver quality documents at the faster print speeds of the Lexmark E321 and E323 printers. Supplies are not compatible between the Lexmark E320/E322 and E321/E323 families. To help customers quickly identify the difference, the new E321/E323 supplies have a two-tone design.

Customer Choice

Lexmark enables customers to choose the solutions that best fit their needs by offering a choice of cartridges for the E321 and E323. Lexmark offers standard-yield or high yield cartridges, each available in Prebate or non-Prebate versions, for a total of four different cartridges to choose from.

Operation ReSource

Operation ReSource is a free and simple way to return empty cartridges directly to Lexmark for appropriate recycling. Customers should simply repackage the empty cartridge in the box from the new replacement cartridge and reseal with clear packing tape, apply the provided shipping label, and complete the return address information on the label.

Γενικές προδιαγραφές

Κωδ. ανταλλακτικού: 12A7300
Τεχνολογία Εκτύπωσης
  • Μονόχρωμο λέιζερ
Yield Value
  • 3000
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program
  • Ναι
Μέση συνεχόμενη απόδοση κασέτας εκτύπωσης σε λειτουργία εκτύπωσης μονής όψης έως
  • 3.000 Πρότυπα Σελίδες *Δηλωμένη μέση απόδοση τυπικών σελίδων σύμφωνα με το ISO/IEC 19752.
Διαστάσεις Πακεταρισμένου Εκτυπωτή (mm - Υ x Π x Β)
  • 189.7 x 336.6 x 108 mm
Βάρος Πακεταρισμένου Εκτυπωτή (Kg)
  • 1.4 kg

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  • 44103103
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  • Mexico