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Lexmark Forms Composer


Compatibility for Lexmark Forms Composer v3.3:

Virtually any document that has been converted to PDF 1.3 format (for import)

Output from Lexmark Forms Composer can be accessed via Lexmark Document Portal, a web based retrieval application for PDF documents.


Available Printer-Based Forms Cards:

Lexmark C510, Lexmark C524, Lexmark C920, Lexmark C752, C752L, Lexmark X752e MFP, Lexmark C760, C762, Lexmark X762e MFP, Lexmark T63x, Lexmark T64x, Lexmark X644e, X646e, and X85xe MFPs, Lexmark W840, Lexmark X63xe MFPs, Lexmark T430.


Lexmark Networked MFP and Printer Compatibility

MFP Options: Lexmark X7500, 5500 and X4500*, Lexmark 3100 and 3200*

Printers/MFPs: Lexmark PostScript, PDF-ready or ImageQuick enabled printers and MFPs*

*Firmware revision update may be required. Contact the Lexmark Customer Support Center for more information.



For LDSS Forms Composer v3.3, Workflow Composer v3.3, Print'N'Send Driver, Select'N'Send:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP4) 
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP1 & SP2) 
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