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Full Spectrum Security

A comprehensive approach to print security threats in today’s complex business environment

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  Secure by Design

According to a recent study by Quocira, the average cost of a print-related data breach is nearly $400,000, not including legal and brand impacts. Additionally, twenty four percent of all documents sent to print are never collected, leaving potentially sensitive information exposed in the output bin. Could your organization be next to experience a financial or data loss due to shortfalls in document security?

If you are looking for new ways to lock down print security while speeding tasks and improving operational performance, it’s time to partner with an expert. At Lexmark, we don’t treat security as an afterthought or optional feature, but as integral design element embedded into each product and solution.

Lexmark understands the reality of security threats – both internal and external – and responds with a full-spectrum approach that secures your valuable data in every possible way. From industry-leading access features and continuous verification to encrypted firmware and secure remote management, Lexmark protects every perimeter of your output ecosystem.

Ready to close security gaps across your network? Check out the informative webinar Locking Down Print Security: Smart Strategies to Minimize Risk. Here Lexmark security experts share information about common network attack points, threat identification techniques, developing a zero-trust security strategy and seven simple things you can do to create a more secure printing environment.

BLI Pacesetter award

"Lexmark’s device security is second to none...It easily landed in the top tier among the 13 OEMs included in our study, which should give Lexmark purchasers peace of mind about the security of their output fleet."


Jamie Bsales
Director of Software Analysis
Keypoint Intelligence - BLI

Lexmark has been awarded the prestigious BLI PaceSetter award in the Document Imaging Security category from Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI). The organization recognized Lexmark with top-tier scores in nearly every category including hard drive security, device authentication and firmware integrity. For users, this means reducing security gaps between the document, device, network and all points in between.

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