Environment, Health & Safety | Lexmark Australia

Environmental, Health & Safety

In the pursuit of sustainability, Lexmark's environmental, health and safety policy drives initiatives that encompass every aspect of our global business. When it comes to our planet, we know there is no substitute. We strive to provide industry-leading environmental practices that not only relate to our products, but to everything we do, everywhere in the world.

Lexmark's commitment to continual improvement in our environmental, health and safety programs is focused in these three areas:

The way we design our products

Lexmark strives to minimise the environmental impact of its products and services. This includes designing products with the environment in mind, as well as engineering our packaging to reduce material usage, and offering collection programs for reuse and recycling.

The way we manage resources

Lexmark is a good environmental steward of natural resources by practicing energy conservation, pollution prevention and waste minimisation. We provide recycling programs at our sites, product recycling, and cartridge remanufacturing and recycling.

The way we live and work

Lexmark acts responsibly toward the communities in which our employees live and work. As a good corporate citizen, we employ environmental and health & safety management systems, consistently adhere to regulatory compliance and participate in community partnerships.

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