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Buyers Lab Awards

Lexmark Earns Buyers Lab Top “Pick” Honours 

Lexmark Wins Outstanding Monochrome Printer/MFP Line of the Year

Lexmark won the "Outstanding Monochrome Printer and MFP Line" award from Buyers Lab (BLI) for Winter 2013. Lexmark owes this honour to its strength across the category, winning Highly Recommended designations for six individual devices. These devices represent Lexmark's leadership in performance, features, and value in the Monochrome and MFP field.

BLI Buyers Lab 2013


"What customers want from their monochrome device is simplicity, productivity, reliability, and affordability. Lexmark's newest monochrome devices deliver on all these levels offering class-leading speeds, robust design and superb reliability."
- Marlene Orr
BLI Senior Analyst for Printers and A4 MFPs

BLI Individual Award Winners

Outstanding A4 Monochrome Printer for Small Workgroups

Lexmark MS410 Series

Outstanding A4 Monochrome Printer for Mid-Size Workgroups

Lexmark MS610 Series

Outstanding A4 Monochrome MFPs for Mid-Size Workgroups

Lexmark MX510/511 Series

Lexmark MX610/611 Series

Outstanding A4 Monochrome MFP for Large Workgroups

Lexmark MX710 Series

Outstanding A4 Departmental Monochrome Printer

Lexmark MS812 Series


Lexmark MX610/611 Wins 2013 Pick Award from BLI

Based on the performance of the Lexmark MX611dhe, the Lexmark MX610/611 Series was named the Outstanding A4 Monochrome MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups by BLI. With a "Highly Recommended" rating, the Lexmark MX611dhe leads a series of innovative printers that offer extensive functionality and precise performance.

With a set of innovative features and forward-thinking functionality, the Lexmark MX611dhe performed remarkably throughout the rigorous testing performed by BLI. Testers were impressed with the advanced capabilities the device's software enables, including workflow solutions and mobile capabilities, as well as the customisable task plate. Performance in printing and copying was above and beyond expectations. 


"A stellar performer throughout testing, the Lexmark MX611dhe earned ratings of very good or excellent in nearly every aspect of evaluation."
- BLI Lab Test Report

Lexmark's Distributed Intelligent Capture Wins a BLI Pick Award

With a win for Outstanding Document Processing Solution in the Winter 2013 BLI Pick Awards, Lexmark’s Distributed Intelligent Capture seals its position as a leading solution for data extraction and management. Designed for businesses looking for an intelligent answer to the challenges raised by translating information from hard copies to usable data, it combines Lexmark Document Distributor+ with the recently acquired Brainware software. It extracts, validates, and passes data on to other internal systems such as ERPs in a reliable, streamlined process. 


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