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Enterprise software integration capabilities

Seamless and intuitive integration with your core technologies

Our integration is seamless, efficient and powerful, and it’s designed to work right inside your existing technology investments. And because of our extensive experience and technology, Lexmark integration saves your organisation time and resources during implementation, maintenance and upgrades. 

Our user-friendly interfaces seamlessly integrate into your existing business applications, empowering staff to manage, distribute and access content quickly and easily without the hassle of chasing information. Define the software and hardware integration options that best optimise your unique environment:

Application integration

Through any of our Perceptive clients, our enterprise software creates a consolidated view of content that eliminates information silos. But when you integrate our technology with your existing business applications—like SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce and more— your staff is presented with a complete picture of all the content and data impacting a customer, vendor or partner relationship.

  • Sales can quickly see contracts for an account while building a proposal, removing the need to reference different systems, or search through paper files
  • Customer support can instantly see every document related to a customer account, answering questions faster
  • HR recruiters can easily manage and search a candidate’s resume and application materials, focusing on finding and evaluating talent

Plus, integration with your business applications enables the deployment of additional tools from Lexmark, including advanced document composition, electronic signature routing and records management.We offer a flexible array of methods to integrate our enterprise software with your business applications, including our patented LearnMode technology and our advanced Web services integration.

Platform integration

Lexmark’s dynamic platform integration technologies offer both non-programmatic and programmatic options to connect our enterprise software with your existing technologies.

LearnMode + Pretrieve

Our patented LearnMode technology learns where key data resides on each screen of your business application—without altering that software and without programming—and then uses that data to expedite content indexing, retrieval and search. 

The linked, built-in connection that LearnMode creates between software transactions and supporting content has significant productivity benefits. Most importantly, it powers Pretrieve, our ground-breaking information access platform.

Pretrieve is our proprietary technology that continuously displays a summary of relevant content to users as they work in their core business applications—without getting in the way. By intelligently monitoring each user’s interaction with records in these applications, Pretrieve serves up the precise content that supports whatever a user is working on.

Web services

We also take an innovative approach to advanced Web services integration, which establishes deeper connections with enterprise resource planning (ERP), databases and other systems throughout your organisation. Support for popular Web services standards and protocols—SOAP and REST—lets you to choose how you want to automate and integrate our enterprise software technology with data services behind the scenes. This connection can initiate and update business transactions, automate processes, organise information and more. For example, use our capture technologies to extract data from your incoming content and then have Web services use this data to initiate transactions into and out of your business applications—transforming content that was once locked in a reference-only document image into actionable information.


When your business processes require unique integration to make them run more efficiently, our nonproprietary, fully compliant, JavaScript-based method is there to support you. With this approach, you can automate our enterprise software functions programmatically using a familiar language—accessing our enterprise software’s application layers, data elements and objects—plus link to external databases through industry-standard methods and protocols.

Perceptive DataTransfer

With Lexmark’s Perceptive DataTransfer, higher education institutions automatically upload Web-based data and content to accelerate the processing of application files, recruitment files, test score files and more. It uses the most advanced matching algorithms in the industry to accurately compare input records to the institution’s entire production database to eliminate duplicates and mismatches, and reduce time-consuming data entry errors.

Hardware integration

Our easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use integration offerings for hardware let you optimise your multifunction products (MFPs), as well as other devices for capture and output. 

We develop our enterprise software to take full advantage of Lexmark MFP features, enabling your staff to:

  • Turn Lexmark MFPs into powerful productivity tools that ensure information, technology and staff are always on the same page
  • Start a business process simply by capturing paper documents using an e-Task touch screen
  • Intuitively prompt users for additional data that supports intelligent capture, indexing and routing
  • Collect and share documents instantly between geographically dispersed locations

Of course, we also understand that you might have a non-Lexmark device or two. So we’ve developed long-term relationships with partners like Fujitsu, Canon, Scanning America and other leading capture technology and service providers—working closely with them to ensure our enterprise software provides all the functionality you need with their high-speed, high-volume offerings. The result is an enterprise software portfolio that easily scales to accommodate an unlimited amount of content from any distributed source.

Explore Lexmark’s full range of enterprise software deployment options, including Perpetual On-Premises, Perpetual Hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS).

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