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ERP Printing

Lexmark gives you the flexibility of printing documents from your existing legacy systems and from the coming ERP systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft without having to change the code in your existing systems. Lexmark printers give you the flexibility of changing the print stream and applying document templates to the prints to provide the most vibrant, customized output for your environment.

Lexmark currently has deployed printing solutions within the Federal Government for the following legacy printing needs: Army ULLS, SAMS, and SARS applications; Prescribe printing, and SAP printing. These capabilities provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Eliminate dot matrix printers
  • Remove printers dedicated to an application
  • Enable Conditional Routing and Logic to be applied to print
  • Save money by not requiring changes to the application code to change print forms and reports
  • Format and reformat, with tables, summations, headings, etc. applied at the time of print and not in the application code

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