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Hardcopy monitoring made easy

When it comes to security, most organizations focus on protecting information from outside hackers and attacks. But, as businesses operate across increasing numbers of locations and sources, insider threat—both malicious and non-malicious—is a growing concern.

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor (LSDM) fills the hardcopy monitoring gap. LSDM resides on your Lexmark MFPs to automatically and discreetly capture content and user data from every document that passes through. Put simply, it provides real-time capture, without interrupting or delaying processes and performance.

The Full Spectrum Security Story

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LSDM with EndpointID


Seamless integration for a more complete picture

Eliminate hardcopy vulnerabilities

When it comes to protecting sensitive information from insider threats, many organizations think first about securing their digital systems and channels—their networks, servers and webbased sources. But leaving the hardcopy portion of your data out of your security strategy can be a costly mistake.

Lexmark Secure document Monitor (LSDM) can help you fill in the gap of hardcopy security with technology that’s discreet, automated and connected to your existing systems. We make the challenge of identifying and stopping paper-related threats effortless.

Monitor hardcopies with ease

Knowing when and how sensitive data is printed, copied, scanned or faxed can be especially difficult. And while new tools and devices are improving productivity more than ever, those improvements are also creating additional complexities that make it difficult to know exactly what information is being accessed and viewed from your devices.

That’s why LSDM resides on your Lexmark MFPs to monitor hardcopy documents directly from their point of origination. Our technology automatically captures the content of every document that passes through a device, and routes it to a DLP provider for review. You’ll have everything you need to investigate potential threats, at your fingertips.

Flexible integration to meet your needs

We know that hardcopy data is only a portion of the information you need to collect and monitor in order to have full visibility and true insider threat protection. For maximum ease and efficiency, it’s important to be able to connect that hardcopy information with the digital data you’re monitoring.

LSDM makes it easy, with the flexibility to integrate with other monitoring solutions and data loss prevention (DLP) providers. Once hardcopy data is captured from your Lexmark MFP, it can be routed directly to your existing DLP provider or homegrown monitoring system. 

LSDM with Endpoint ID

If you’re still searching for a complete insider threat solution, we can take advantage of our partnership with Intelligent ID (IID) to enable end-to-end protection. Unlike most security solutions which only protect one source of information, LSDM with Endpoint ID combines the hardcopy expertise of Lexmark and the digital capabilities of Intelligent ID to protect both paper and digital information from a single monitoring dashboard.

By integrating LSDM with IID’s Endpoint ID, we can provide you with all the capabilities you need to capture and view all user and document data—both paper and digital—from one place, for a more complete picture and increased protection. 


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