Ecosystem of experts

A box of parts isn’t a smart MFP, and a collection of smart MFPs isn’t automatically an ecosystem.

Some organisations have the personnel and skills to configure and maintain a smart MFP ecosystem themselves. Others prefer to concentrate on their business and rely on the proven systems, knowledge, experience and intuition of the people who built their smart MFPs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) doesn’t start with hardware specs, but by assessing your group, role and organisational needs. It focuses on planning and optimising large fleets of devices to work the way that your people work–then proactively manages them to minimise your IT burden and rationalise the supply (and control the cost) of consumables. And by gathering data about how your devices are used, the MPS team can re-think and transform your processes – delivering the physical output or digital information that you need, when you need it.

Lexmark Professional Services can intelligently adapt Lexmark solutions to fit your productivity goals and improve how your team manages and shares information. Our experience in industry-specific information workflows – including retail, banking, insurance, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more – can help you uncover hidden opportunities for greater efficiency.

Solving the problems that create costly interruptions is just the starting point for Lexmark Customer Support Services. The goal of all our support programmes – which includes installation services, extended warranties and genuine parts with Lexmark–certified technicians – is to improve your workflow continuously and make sure that every device is helping you work at peak performance.

Services that support and re-think how you work are an integral part of the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem. They’re not just a reflection of how well we understand our products’ technical dimensions – they’re a sign of how far a combination of your goals and our imagination can take you.

Lexmark came in here, guided us, and made it very clear that they were in this for the long term. Lexmark showed that this was a partnership, not just a transaction.

Michael Leeper
Senior Manager, IT Engineering
Columbia Sportswear
Portland, Ore.