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Despite efforts to manage all of your content and streamline every business transaction, information silos and disconnected processes still remain. Content like documents, email and videos that contain information needed to make critical decisions. That includes both high-level operational decisions and those “in the moment” process decisions that make or break every customer interaction.

Our industry-leading enterprise software, formerly Perceptive Software, automates processes and provides a complete picture of relevant information from across your enterprise at the moment you need it. So you can work faster, smarter and fully informed at every step. Let Lexmark help you open the possibilities: 

Capture Information

Automatically collect and secure the information that fuels your routines with content capture, intelligent data extraction and electronic forms. 

Orchestrate processes  

Automate and transform daily routines with workflow, case management and process mining.

Output management

Simplify, secure and manage information output to all destinations, including print, fax, email and file.

Manage content and communication

Promote secure access to precise content throughout its lifecycle with enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities like foldering, retention policies and electronic signatures.

Enterprise search

Pinpoint the answers you need inside every type of content, no matter its location – content repositories, email systems, social media and more.

Precise answers when and where they’re needed

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When your staff have all of the information—from any source, in any format—at their fingertips, they’re better able to serve your customers and run your business. That’s the power of our complete portfolio of enterprise software products.

Customer success

Thousands of organisations have realized measurable value from our portfolio. 

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Integration with your core technologies

Our enterprise software provides seamless and intuitive integration into the technologies you work with every day—from business applications to capture devices to software platforms.

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