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Simplify and automate information onboarding, regardless of format

Our enterprise capture software collects and secures all content and data intelligently—extracting, organising and sharing information with the people, business systems and processes that need it most. With content capture, data capture, data extraction and electronic forms, explore how Lexmark fuels your routines with the right information, instantly:

Document imaging

Capture and provide structure to all types of enterprise content—including paper, email, multimedia and more—from virtually any source.

Mobile capture

Accelerate processes with a few taps on a mobile device, capturing content and data on the go and securely delivering them to enterprise applications.

Checklist capture

Automate the capture and tracking of related content from mobile, desktop and MFP devices, sending only complete sets of documentation on to the next processing step.

Intelligent capture

Automate time-consuming data entry processes and extract more value from your content with advanced, template-free classification, data extraction and validation.


Replace paper forms, automate steps and validate data accuracy by gathering raw data into electronic forms from portals, business applications and more.

Success story
Find out how the largest Catholic healthcare provider in Illinois uses Intelligent Capture for AP automation to support operational growth and direct resources from the back office to its treatment facilities.
You don’t have many opportunities in your career to implement significant change. With the procurement of Perceptive Intelligent Capture … this change will position us for the future, in accounts payable, to contribute even more directly to the mission of Presence Health.
Robert Banwart Director of Accounts Payable Presence Health

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