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Electronic Procurement

Manage suppliers more effectively with accessible documentation

Perceptive Software solutions for procurement processing make purchase requests, pricing agreements, correspondence and proofs of delivery readily available to personnel who need them. With procurement documentation easily accessible, your staff has more time to manage suppliers and ensure service and quality levels are met.

Our procurement solution integrates seamlessly with the programs your staff is already using. Whether the original source was paper, electronic or received through an e-invoicing provider, all procurement documentation is organized, secured and centrally located for immediate retrieval.

Using Perceptive's procurement processing solution, you can:

  • Access procurement documentation related to a project with a single click
  • Direct purchase requests automatically through review, evaluation and fulfillment
  • Manage collaborative RFI, RFQ or RFP documents from creation to submission
  • Streamline the supplier selection process to make better purchasing decisions
  • Share information instantly with internal and external clients for more effective communication.

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Full integration with Infor Lawson business applications reduced manual processes in accounting and cut administrative time in half for the “Gate City.”