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Support bank transformation whilst securing systems and satisfying customers

A strategic approach to print can unlock value across your banking operations.

To satisfy today’s customers and compete against fintechs and digitally maturing competitors, banks have realised that they must transform their IT infrastructure, operating models and branches.

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Banking Building

Digitise workflows

Speed processing by digitising your customers’ paper documents

Smart Document Capture for Banking streamlines your processes, significantly reduces branch exception handling and callbacks to the customer and supports compliance. The banker can even see which documents are required — and missing — in real time as they are processed. This expedites processes like new account openings and loan originations and frees up your staff to focus on their customers.

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Automate processing

Automate back-office workflows and improve the customer experience

Streamline your back-office processes with smart document workflows that eliminate redundancy, reduce manual-handling errors, perform compliance verification checks, and improve communication within the bank and with your customers. Importantly, processing cycle times are shortened for a better customer experience.

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Automate official cheque issuance

Automate official cheque issuance and reduce costs with secure MICR cheque printing

Print official cheques on plain paper from the teller line to reduce the time and cost of issuing a cheque, whilst mitigating the risk of cheque fraud and gaining an automated audit trail that integrates with your existing branch platform. Minimise waste by printing securely on an as-needed basis with no preprinted stock required.

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Safeguard data and your network

Safeguard sensitive customer information with stronger data security

Lexmark builds security into everything we offer. For instance, secure pull printing with user-authentication limits access and keeps customer information safe. Other security features help meet compliance and regulatory demands and prevent costly data breaches. Solutions such as Secure Document Monitor even scrutinise and flag document data for malicious and non-malicious insider security threats.

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Data analytics

Enable your bank’s digital transformation with data and analytics

Using the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Lexmark can capture and analyse printing, copying and scanning activity across the entire bank. We turn that into action by helping you identify processing and workflow improvement opportunities that can reduce cost, prevent data breaches and shorten process cycle times.

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Lower costs

Reduce infrastructure and grow efficiency with cloud-based solutions

Whether it’s at your HQ, individual branches or processing centres, look to the cloud for ways to rid yourself of clunky on-premises print and fax infrastructure and gain document workflow solutions that scale quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining tight security.

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Maximise mobile

Make things easy with mobile printing

Enable your bank staff and customers to print from their mobile devices, saving time and providing convenience. Securely print from any device with a simple, convenient mobile printing experience that is secure and compliant with built-in access controls.

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Robust reliability

Ensure branch productivity and customer service with reliable print solutions

With decades of experience supporting the banking sector, Lexmark’s print solutions and industry-leading hardware are proven to work reliably and securely with existing banking software platforms to ensure productivity and enhance digital transformation initiatives. That’s one of the reasons why seven of the top ten global banks are Lexmark customers.

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Lexmark creates cloud- and IoT-enabled imaging technologies that help banking customers worldwide quickly realise business outcomes. Through a powerful combination of proven technologies and deep industry expertise, Lexmark accelerates business transformation, turning information into insights, data into decisions and analytics into action.