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Accounting and Finance

Save time by eliminating inefficient manual processes

Your accounting systems rely heavily on access to a variety of information. But when the print and electronic documents you need lie outside your enterprise application, a lot of time can be wasted on manual tasks and data entry.

Lexmark’s accounting and finance solutions can change all that. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing applications to automate workflows and intelligently extract the data you need. The result? Fast, easy access to invoices, purchase orders and other related documents—which speeds approvals and provides greater control.

By innovating the way you and your staff work, we can help you increase accuracy and efficiency, deliver better customer service and drive financial performance.

Invoice Processing

Perceptive Software invoice management and processing solutions let you easily capture, access, manage and route any type of invoice or other document alongside any business application and process.

Electronic Procurement Processing

Make purchase requests, pricing agreements, correspondence and proofs of delivery readily available to personnel who need them.

Purchase Card Processing

Purchase cards (p-cards) offer your organization increased cost control and streamlined ordering and payment.

e-Invoicing and Electronic Invoice Processing

Create an efficient, streamlined invoice process that eliminates paper and provides a document that’s easily accessible when needed.

Electronic Payment Capture

Our solutions work with virtually any printing system to let you capture, organize and manage check images and electronic payment data automatically.

Expense Report Processing

This solution dramatically decreases the time it takes to submit, review, approve, bill and report on expenses.

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