Admissions & Application Evaluation Management

Simplify student applicant processing, decisions and communications

Streamlining the admissions evaluation process speeds applicant document completion, evaluation, decision and distribution of acceptance letters, increasing the likelihood of enrollment.

With Perceptive Software process and content management solutions, all staff members key to the admissions process can instantly access the student information they need directly from SIS records, for faster decisions and improved student service. The ability to securely and easily manage application packets and pre-application documents submitted via mail, email, fax, online portals and any other medium in one, central electronic repository improves staff productivity.

Lexmark solutions for admissions evaluation allow your staff to:

  • Speed applicant processing and decision making
  • Improve student service, ensuring a greater likelihood of enrolling the best students
  • Remove workflow bottlenecks and fuel operational efficiencies
  • Reduce costs associated with storage, file creation and misplaced documents
  • Protect student privacy

Perceptive from Lexmark at Work

When the University of Nebraska-Lincoln needed a technology solution to process an increasing number of applications without adding additional staff, they chose Perceptive Software from Lexmark for ease of use and seamless integration with its existing PeopleSoft SIS. With Perceptive from Lexmark, the University saved almost 30 hours per week in document processing.

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Learn how to speed the application process and fuel operational efficiencies across the department


University of Tampa

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Read how the University of Tampa manages a 25% increase in student enrollment through the use of eForms.