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Capture & Route

Simplify record keeping for English Language Learners

Keeping the records for your English Language Learners (ELL) up to date is crucial, not only to help track and improve student outcomes, but also to justify funding programs that assist ELL students.

Lexmark’s Capture and Route solution for ELL can help by simplifying the care and handling of related digital and paper-based documents. At a minimum, this includes a home language screening, initial language screening test, parent notification letters and assessment tracking forms. With so much paperwork required for each ELL student, you need a reliable solution that lets you more easily manage it.

Improve efficiency and control

Using any Lexmark multifunction product (MFP) equipped with the intuitive e-Task color touch screen, you can capture and route documents with the touch of a button. This distributed scan and route capability gives district personnel instant, integrated access to all the records that support English language learners. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to record, review, approve and report ELL activities, enabling teachers, administrators and other staff members to be more productive so they can focus on student needs.

By automating ELL workflow and document processes, you can eliminate manual sorting and filing, and automatically link student records to your student information system (SIS). In addition, Lexmark’s capture and route solution delivers roles-based access, providing control over who sees and edits ELL documents and ensuring that this information remains secure.

Benefits of Capture and Route

  • Improves record keeping and helps maintain compliance
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual sorting and filing
  • Captures and processes documents regardless of source or location
  • Organizes files by grouping related documents in secure electronic files
  • Supports collaboration and the easy exchange of information

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