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Core Facilities Management Software

Simplify the management of shared resources

Perceptive Software's core facilities management system (CFMS) uses proven process and content management technology to simplify the scheduling and management of shared resources across scientific research facilities. This improves efficiency and ensures your entire group is compliant with federal reporting regulations like NIH.

Our core facilities management software is built on Perceptive Process to empower core directors to manage their devices, rates, user permissions, scheduling and invoicing from a secure, easy-to-use web interface. Internal and external principal investigators and postdoctorals can search for and schedule devices and consultations across your entire university—eliminating scheduling conflicts and maximizing the investments you’ve made in your labs.

The core facilities management software easily adapts to meet the diverse needs of genetic research. Each core can customize their scheduling and intake forms without IT or vendor assistance, and set up specific processes that feel natural to the research user base.

Real-time utilization reporting

In addition to controlling the processes, the core facilities management software also provides instantaneous, ad hoc, real-time reports and dashboards of actual utilization for every device in every core. University staff will always know what is in demand and what is being underutilized—and can plan based on real usage data rather than guesswork and speculation.

Meeting NIH regulatory compliance

Perceptive CFMS provides two key means of achieving NIH compliance:

  • CFMS screens are generated dynamically so users cannot take non-compliant actions
  • CFMS records every action taken in the core facility lifecycle. These audit trails are completely transparent, so the production of science is never slowed

Measurable and tangible cost savings

When using Lexmark solutions, ROI is delivered through process efficiency, avoiding costly audits, and making intelligent purchasing decisions based on real-world device usage. But on top of that, CFMS is built to recapture time for research and billable activities for principal investigators, post-doctorals, researchers and core directors—freeing them to produce science instead of paperwork and manual invoicing. Read more about our commitment to delivering measurable ROI.

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