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Human Resources

Find employee information in one location for fast, secure processing

Bringing new employees on board, tracking recruitment processes, meeting human resource compliance requirements—these and other tasks go much faster when you have easy access to all types of employee documents, along with the tools to process them efficiently.

Lexmark’s comprehensive human resources management solutions give you the foundation to create electronic employee files. By linking documents to your existing HRIS/HRMS software application or other HR system, you can provide your staff with access to employee information through the interface they already use. We can also help automate the process of routing it through your organization.

With all of your employee documents in one secure, electronic repository, you can maintain confidentiality, enhance compliance, reduce storage costs and make it easier for employees to access and track their own information.

Employee Recruitment

Give your HR staff the ability to quickly fulfill your company’s human resources recruiting and talent acquisition goals to fill positions faster.

Employee Onboarding

Automate and streamline your new employee onboarding process for a smooth transition for new hires and your staff.

Employee Management

Improve your employee records management by tracking workflow, signatures and documents—even if the information is in paper form.

Employee Direct Access and HR Portals

This solution seamlessly integrates with your HR portals, freeing HR staff and giving employees easy access to information in their personnel files.

Employee Separation Process (Offboarding)

Ensure a smooth process by more efficiently managing your organization’s documentation for employee termination.

Human Resources Compliance

Track and log documents to more easily meet human resources compliance standards and simplify HR audits.

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