Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

Leverage capture technology to simplify transcript processing

As higher education professionals know, transcripts take a significant amount of time to capture, process and share across campus. Often times, admissions directors must make decisions without seeing the whole picture, relying on guesswork rather than facts. If you know a capture solution could make a positive difference, but assume transcripts are too varied and too unique to be learned by today’s technology, think again.

Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts is an advanced technology solution that accelerates transcript processing by automatically sorting incoming transcripts, capturing and validating specific student and coursework information, and passing it directly to your student information or enterprise system.

This advanced solution accurately captures a variety of transcript types and formats with a unique, non-template based solution. By abandoning traditional template and rules-based approaches to data extraction in favor of advanced pattern-recognition techniques, you can significantly reduce time consuming, manual entry tasks. And because Perceptive technology from Lexmark integrates seamlessly any ECM, workflow or imaging software, it can be used to elevate the value of your existing process and content management solution.

With Perceptive Intelligent Capture, you can:

  • Automatically sort (classify) all incoming transcripts, regardless of type and format
  • Capture specific data without defining templates, zones, anchors or specific keywords
  • Reconcile captured data against your SIS and other systems to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness
  • Speed input cycle to facilitate faster decision making and increase applicant satisfaction

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Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

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Discover how this unique capture solution significantly reduces transcript processing time and expense.


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