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Enterprise Search for Government

Find and View Critical Information in Any Location

When it comes to searching for information, government institutions of all sizes face the same challenge: data hidden in documents, files, emails and disparate repositories can be difficult to locate. It’s also a key reason that enterprise search is now an essential technology for public service organizations in the age of information and big data.

Lexmark Enterprise Search for Government is an advanced search platform that pinpoints the exact information you need from inside any content repository, email system, network share, website, database, intranet, extranet and more. In addition, you can explore the relationship and connections between different pieces of information, to quickly access, analyze and put vital information to use.

With Lexmark Enterprise Search, you will:

  • Reduce the costs of finding and analyzing content
  • Boost staff performance and productivity
  • Improve decision making by using precise information
  • Eliminate the need for perfect queries to return the right information
  • Mitigate business, legal, compliance and security risks

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