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Regulatory Compliance Software

Ensure security and compliance across the enterprise

Given the innate vulnerability of paper, electronic information management is an ideal tool for keeping documents and other critical data secure from unauthorised viewing and tampering, as well as protecting records in cases of disaster.

Lexmark’s unique, patented architecture ensures easy access to information for authorised users, while employing proven, industry-standard security features to keep others out. End-to-end security and compliance features allow you to.

  • Centralise records and files. 
    Create a secure repository for critical information such as constituent and personnel records, contracts, leases, projects and more
  • Organise client records. 
    Automatically index documents by client, department or any other classification for instant retrieval
  • Instantly access documents. 
    Find the right documents with a single click, eliminating lengthy file cabinet searches
  • Secure confidential information. 
    Ensure that sensitive documents are viewed only by people with appropriate access, and use redaction to conceal confidential data while preserving the state of the original document
  • Manage collaborative projects. 
    Check in and check out shared documents to improve collaboration and protect document integrity
  • Insider Threat Mitigation 
    Seamlessly capture and search on all documents that are copied, printed and scanned on your multifunctional printers and devices – Learn More
  • Automate electronic records management 
    Implement transparent records management with a DoD 5015.2-certified solution that uses file plans to automatically manage retention schedules as a standard part of daily business processes.