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Logistics Document Management

A better approach to logistics workflow

Manufacturing supply chains run on the rails of paper-based processes. From back-office work like inventory claims and invoice processing to logistics applications like bills of lading and freight lists, these documents don't just move goods; they ultimately determine how well customers are satisfied.

Shipment reliability demands visibility into your supply chain process. However, without connected document workflow, you can't make informed decisions. Inaccurate inventory counts lead to restocking problems and fulfilment delays. And having the wrong form or a missing record adds more work downstream.

More complex supply chains

Emerging markets have made it more important than ever for logistics documents to be connected and available. Fragmented document workflow requires more attention and manual intervention.

Distribution and manufacturing companies can accumulate millions of delivery and receiving papers annually. Companies also have to deal with increasing amounts of electronic information from mobile devices. As a result, employees can spend hours and even days searching through these documents for information that they often don't find.

Benefits of Logistics Document Management

  • Streamline paper-based processes from the freight dock to the back office
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and tedious document distribution
  • Get more done with less effort as well as fewer errors and delays
  • Keep confidential information secure
  • Quickly locate records for audit and compliance requests

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Boost Logistics Productivity with Digital Document Processes

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Automating logistics workflow eliminates paper challenges and empowers employees to accomplish more in less time.