Training and Certification

Fast and efficient management of training and certification programs across your organization

The Lexmark Training and Certification solution for manufacturing provides easy access to training materials, tests and pre-populated employee rosters printed directly from a Lexmark multi-function product (MFP). Completed tests are scanned and automatically graded with results linked to the employee record for instant and accurate recording of all employee-training activities.

With our Training and Certification solution, you can:

  • Reduce costs and waste associated with storing and shipping paper-based training materials and tests
  • Automate time-intensive paper processes including test creation, test grading and recording test results
  • Increase the efficiency of your training staff and refocus their time on employees
  • Gain real-time visibility into testing results so you can make immediate decisions about your training effectiveness and employee readiness

Distribute information, not paper

Distribute training materials and tests to all of your locations without a single postage stamp. Electronically distribute content and reduce paper waste by printing only what is needed at the location where it’s needed—nothing more, nothing less. The need to maintain on-site storage for training and testing materials is removed.

Save time and money with an automated system

With a Lexmark MFP, your instructors simply go to the MFP, select the test they need and print. Once testing is complete, scan tests on the MFP for automatic grading and recording into your systems. Your instructors are freed up from manual grading and data entry tasks and can re-focus their time back on employees. The result? A better-trained workforce.

Maintain compliance with integrated and secure systems

Tests can be printed with employee information or bar codes that link results to employee files and reduce the risk of employees taking the wrong tests, or results getting incorrectly added to the employee records.

In addition, our solution is tightly integrated with the security features on the Lexmark MFP. Each stage of the training and certification process is secure, enabling you to meet regulations regarding information security and employee training.

Flexible solution and real-time visibility into processes

Automated recording of test results give you immediate visibility into the current status of employee training and certification. Make faster decisions about the effectiveness of your training program and the readiness of your staff to perform their tasks safely and in compliance. The system is highly flexible so you can easily make changes to tests, roster and questions at the time of administration.

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