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Public Assistance Intake and Recertification

Reduce risks and simplify award processing.

Centralized document processing of thousands of public assistance applications each year is expensive and time consuming.

Caseworkers can be more productive and constituents can be better served by initiating the process immediately, at the point of service. The Lexmark Public Assistance Intake and Recertification Solution provides an instant on-ramp for your important documents and content into your case management system.

Benefits and Features

  • Streamline processing of public assistance applications.
  • Simplify the management of verification documents.
  • Reduce costs associated with misplaced documents.
  • Boost employee productivity and better serve constituents.
  • Eliminates the need for shipping to a central facility for processing.

For additional information about Lexmark solutions, contact us today.

Public Assistance Intake and Recertification Demo
Public Assistance Intake and Recertification Demo

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Streamline processing and reduce costs


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