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Forms Card Solutions

Forms Card™ is an affordable, compatible and easy to implement forms solution designed for fast, high performance printing. Forms Card will help businesses eliminate pre-printed form costs while providing forms that can carry a powerful marketing image directly to their customers.

Eliminate costly, preprinted forms

Forms Card is an easy-to-use, electronic forms package that makes it possible to print forms on demand. Forms Card maximises printer investment with the use of electronic forms. Preprinted forms are expensive to produce, store and handle, plus they can quickly become obsolete, forcing businesses to destroy and reprint them. Forms Card eliminates the need to buy preprinted forms and cuts storage and handling costs. Forms are created and printed as they are needed. Additionally, forms can be updated with information such as new phone numbers, made available instantly to users.

Easily integrate electronic forms into your business

Forms Card is one of the simplest way of integrating electronic forms into your workplace. It works with any host or network system. Since it generally requires no changes to host applications and as no server or host-based merge program is necessary, you will find the integration extremely smooth. What’s more, because forms are stored at the printer (and merged there), network traffic is reduced and through put is improved.

A simple approach to high-quality electronic forms

Forms Card has an easy-to-use design program, Forms Composer to create forms. Lexmark Forms Manager(1) allows downloading of the form to the printer’s flash or hard disk memory option. Once the electronic form is designed and in the printer, data can be sent directly from your host computer (mainframe, mid-range, PC, etc.) and Forms Card will automatically merge the data with the correct form design and print the completed form. High-quality forms quickly and efficiently.

Productivity enhancing integration

Finally, Lexmark Data Transformer(1) lets you complement and work with Forms Card to give you better control of printing function attributes and data to Forms Card output, for instance sending it to several printers at once. Lexmark Data Transformer(1) will let you manage your output more efficiently with, for instance, fax output via a Multi Function Printing device. For users requiring bar code printing, extensive bar code support is provided natively in the Forms Card. And Forms Card will also accept and process SAP RDI output.

Whether you are a newcomer to the Lexmark Forms Card solution or already an Optra Forms user, have a look at the following section to get all required information for you to be able to install, setup and use the Lexmark Forms Card solution.

Cost savings

  • No more preprinted forms
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Maximise printer investment
  • No dedicated server required

Simple powerful design

  • Merge program in printer
  • Reduced network traffic
  • Forms archive and retrieval
  • Central forms management

Increase productivity

  • Instant updates of forms
  • High-quality forms

Superior compatibility

  • No application changes
  • SAP R/3 RDI support.
  • Embedded bar code support
  • Host independent