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SAP Integration

Expand the Value of SAP

A comprehensive suite of print and scan solutions, including consulting and services that streamline the paper processes feeding SAP applications.

Lexmark print, scan and document delivery systems improve the capture and delivery of information within SAP® - extending the value of your SAP implementation, providing significant cost productivity improvements.

An investment in SAP provides organisations a platform to enforce best practices and drive improvements to information visibility, collaboration, and business process efficiency. SAP workflows effectively reduce the paper-based process flow of internally sourced documents within organisational processes. However, as much as 40% of business processes still depend on paper from external sources to complete a process. Lexmark output systems can provide these organisations the opportunity to expand the efficiency and effectiveness of their SAP ecosystem by integrating document capture systems to reducing paper dependencies.

Lexmark award-winning MFP-based systems, enabled by Lexmark's Document Distributor can intercept data from paper documents entering a business process, exchange that data with the SAP system, and initiate the appropriate SAP workflow. Lexmark systems serve as a custom-tailored portal into SAP, allowing users to initiate SAP workflow tasks as part of the data capture process.

Additionally, Lexmark systems provide solutions for optimised printing from SAP giving you the ability to control how data is formatted for output and the security involved in document delivery. Not only will these solutions allow you to better control and manage output, but will provide the platform for eliminating a significant amount of wasted pages producing the benefit of a more sustainable environment.

For over ten years, Lexmark has been an SAP Global Technology Partner and Global Software Partner. Together SAP and Lexmark developed the first Unicode printer as well as simplified forms and bar code printing capabilities. Lexmark and SAP solutions are helping businesses around the world to improve the way they create, print and deliver documents from SAP.

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