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Duplicated Business Solutions


An output device supplier leverages Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management to maximize customer satisfaction and simplify device management

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Duplicated Business Solutions


Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Duplicated Business Solutions began from a home office as copier dealership over ten years ago. Today, the company has three locations and serves small-to-medium size businesses in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and the greater Fresno metropolitan area.


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At the end of the day, I’m a single-line Lexmark dealer. It’s been a very good relationship in that Lexmark complements my company very well.
Bill Brown President and CEO, Duplicated Business Solutions

Bill Brown, President and CEO of Duplicated Business Solutions, initially sought a partner to provide his customers with reliable output performance and exemplary service. After researching manufacturer options, he chose Lexmark devices and solutions.

Over the years, Brown’s relationship with Lexmark has grown along with the evolving needs of his customers, including businesses that require a smarter way to manage their devices. It’s at this intersection of resource optimization and output management where Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management, or CFM, comes into play. Brown is a strong advocate of CFM as a solution ideally suited to drive greater efficiency while easing the burden on IT resources. In fact, CFM often helps sell devices, instead of the device driving the sale.


The requirements of Brown’s clients are as varied as the businesses themselves. While some customers choose to have Duplicated Business Solutions manage their accounts, others prefer the hands-on control of directly monitoring device usage and performance. Regardless of how the fleet is managed, one thing is certain: Lexmark CFM brings a new level of insight and control into the output environment.

“IT directors are used to working with remote management software on their computers and are accustomed to seeing their network’s health at a glance,” explains Brown. “However, one thing that was missing was visibility into their printers and copiers. CFM fills that void.”


One of the main advantages Duplicated Business Solutions’ clients have experienced is a measurable impact on IT resources. These resources are often stretched to the limit, and businesses must make the most of every dollar they spend. Now, users can easily monitor their fleet with Lexmark CFM.

“Administrators can see meter readings and firmware levels on the entire fleet in real time without logging into each individual device,” says Brown. “Using CFM has been a big benefit from a time perspective.”

While the cloud is becoming a key tool in most dealers’ sales kits, the choice of a vendor partner is equally as important. For his reason, Duplicated Business Solutions has chosen Lexmark. “At the end of the day, I’m a single-line Lexmark dealer,” says Brown. “It’s been a very good relationship in that Lexmark complements my company very well.”